Utility & Heavy Civil Services

Entera Utility & Heavy Civil Services

Entera’s Heavy Civil division, launched in 2006, has grown to 50+ crews providing a multi-disciplinary service for many utilities and private concerns, including Telecommunications, Natural Gas, Hydro and Water.

Tunneling – Augering, Boring

Entera’s experience with trenchless technology stretches back to our roots from our first projects in 2006. With growing demand and Entera’s ability to offer turnkey solutions to any utility installation we have added auger boring to our tool belt!

Low Voltage Electrical

Entera’s Low Voltage Electrical division focuses on delivering un-precedented customer service while ensuring homeowner installations are safe and meet the requirements of both the electrical distribution company and the Electrical Safety Authority.

Line Cover Services


Entera began providing line covering services in 2019. Our line cover service provides the last line of defence against a contact that could cause death, serious injury or property damage.

High Voltage Electrical

ntera High Voltage Electrical Services

Entera’s High Voltage Electrical services has grown to become one of the largest contracted providers of electrical distribution services in Ontario. The High Voltage Electrical department has successfully and safely completed major infrastructure projects across southern Ontario.

Engineering Design

Entera Engineered Design Services

Entera began providing internal engineered design services in 2010, serving the electrical distribution industry. The department has grown to a design team capable of supporting a work program of the fourth largest, and fastest growing, major city in North America, Toronto.