Entera Utility Contractors is dedicated the safest, healthiest work environment possible.

Entera Utility Contractors is dedicated to protecting to all personnel and resource and providing the safest, healthiest work environment possible. Our commitment to protecting people, their property and the environment is an ongoing one and as such, we aim to be innovate and continually reassess and refine our Occupational Health and Saftey policies and our safety management system.

Entera is dedicated to actively co-operating with employees and Joint Health & Safety Committees in pursuing a safer, healthier work environment. In fulfilling this commitment, Entera takes the necessary steps to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. Employees are given appropriate resources to continually improve the safety management system and our executive management team sets and reviews safety objectives on an ongoing basis.

Our Corporate Safety Policy is based upon the belief that accidents can be prevented and property damage arising from accidents can be minimized. Accident prevention is paramount in our corporate objectives and elimination of occupational injuries and illnesses in the workplace is our goal. Entera is dedicated to the belief that safety responsibility lies with all employees of Entera Utility Contractors. At every level, employees are responsible and accountable for all health and safety precautions, to protect themselves, their co-workers and their work environment. All contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers are versed in our corporate health and safety standards and required to abide by these principles.