About Entera

Entera is a partnership formed in 2006 between Black & McDonald and Robert B. Somerville, a leading pipeline installation company. The partnership has become the largest utility contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, securing major contracts with Toronto Hydro for civil underground and street lighting maintenance.

Entera orginally launched in April, 2006 as a joint venture between two of Ontario’s largest utiltily services provides, Black and McDonald

[link to; http://www.blackandmcdonald.com/] and Robert B. Somerville [link to: http://www.rbsomerville.com/]. In response to a Toronto Hydro Unit-Price Contract RFP, this joint venture was designed to leverage Black and McDonald’s capabilities in overhead and underhead electrical engineering and Robert B. Somerville’s strong experience in underground utilities.

The success of this joint venture led to the formation the separate entity known as Entera in July of 2008. A second RFP from Toronto Hydro capitalized the initial vision behind this joint venture, making Entera a single source solution for Toronto Hydro and other local utilities.

Today Entera in one of Ontario’s leading providers of both overhead and underground electrical utility services, civil utilities construction, engineering design, and street lighting. In addition to Toronto Hydro, Entera has worked with Bell, Rogers, various business improvement associates throughout the area, as well as with private business.

Entera is currently developing and expanding its engineering and design services to truly become Ontario’s complete design and service turn-key solution for utilities infrastructure.